Dunkin’ Donuts Commercial

David Isaac Dunkin Donuts MusicCold Brew Boogie

In May Dunkin’ Donuts had a Jingle Contest. The competition was for musical artists to write a jingle and video about cold brew coffee. We named ours the Cold Brew Boogie because we added a rap and dance at the End.

When I first heard that there was a contest, a song immediately came to mind and stuck in my head. It was catchy upbeat pop type of song. Nonetheless, I don’t do music unless I feel it. I started bobbin my head and knew to take this to my producer Alvin Jones.

Alvin and I sat down and went through it and came up with something fun. I added Corinna Shapiro’s voice because I thought it made a good Blend for the song. I also had to call my boy Cayenne No Luck as he laid a smooth rap down on it. The rest is history.

Once released, I heard all kinds of amazing feedback from people. Even people I didn’t know were hitting me up telling me that they were diggin’ the jam. It is super catchy. Keys-driven, Upbeat, Organs, Harmonies and a Nice drum track came together and mixed super well.

Dunkin Donuts here in NYC passed on the jingle. Whatever, it’s all casting. Dunkin Donuts Sweeden loved our song and put it up on their facebook. Currently I’m in talks with Switzerland, Peru, and Brasil to figure out which mediums they will use the video.

You just can’t give up especially when something is awesome. The people that were casting for Dunkin Donuts New York passed on a song that four different countries are interested in making a permanent part of their marketing campaigns.

Ultimately, the reason I make music is because I love it. Grooves puts you in a good mood. Funk makes you wanna dance. It’s all good. Check out my Soundcloud when you get a chance.

Cold Brew Boogie

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