First Weekend February

David Isaac-Super Bowl TV Personality
In Front of US Bank Stadium. Minneapolis, Minnesota Super Bowl 52

First Weekend In February

For the last five years, I’ve traveled to the host city of the Super Bowl. The reason I went was because Super Bowl weekend brings in almost half a billion dollars to whichever location hosts the big game. I went to reap the monetary benefits that came from that much capital in one location.

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Thank Somebody-David Isaac

David Isaac Music HeaderThank Somebody is my first music single. It is more like a “call to action.” I wrote this in a time where our country was quite divided. Charlottesville had just happened. President Trump didn’t know how to communicate with people from different cultures, and there was just a lot of division. These lyrics are all about thinking beyond ourself and realizing that we are all on the journey of the human experience.

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Dunkin Donuts Commercial

David Isaac Dunkin Donuts MusicCold Brew Boogie

In May Dunkin’ Donuts had a Jingle Contest. The competition was for musical artists to write a jingle and video about cold brew coffee. We named ours the Cold Brew Boogie because we added a rap and dance at the End.

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