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The Influence of American Football in London #londongames #nfllondon #atlanta2019

#londongames2019 #nfllondon #atlanta2019 I got the opportunity to speak with Neil Edwards. He is the Head Coach of the London Olympians. The London Olympians are an amateur-based American Football team in London, England. They are in the Premier League of American Football in Europe….

London Classic 2018 Sehawks vs. Raiders “First Weekend February” London Edition

Today was Game Day. There were hundreds of fans that traveled thousands of miles to watch their RAIDERS or SEAHAWKS get down. People were drinking, eating, and having a party.

First Weekend February After Screening Q & A

Watch Here:          Part 1 First Weekend February Q & A                           Part 2 Q & A We had a screening of, “First Weekend February” on October 2. It was a…

First Weekend February Pitch to GaryVee

First Weekend February is a Talkshow exploring the many business opportunities surrounding the Super Bowl. The big game brings an average of $500,000,000 to the host city. Hundreds of Thousands of People travel from all over the world to get a piece of the…

Lenny & Larry’s Music Jingle

A little song we did for, “The Complete Cookie.”

First Weekend February

Super Bowl 52

Lenny and Larry Do the Drake Dance-In My Feelings

Lenny & Larry’s Do The Shiggy Dance Content is King. I hear that a lot in NYC. A couple weeks ago, The “In My Feelings” Drake dance took the internet by storm. When Will Smith was in Europe seen doing the “Shiggy” ontop of…