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The Birth Of Jordan Jameson

I have always loved performing Live. It’s so exciting because you never know the end result. You can practice all you want. It doesn’t matter because the only thing that is important is that you crush when you are on stage.

Halloween In Brooklyn (No Sleep Till)

Halloween In Brooklyn (No Sleep Till) Halloween In Brooklyn is a Musical Track written by Sir David Isaac Featuring Tsebiyah Mishael. It’s a super fun and very catch pop song with synthesizers, the talkbox, and harmonies.

Lenny & Larry’s Protein Cookies Music Jingle and Video

Watch Video Here!! Lenny and Larry’s Protein Cookie is such a cool product. They are Vegan, have no eggs or dairy, taste delicious and use plant based protein in their product. It’s the best way to get something sweet and also give your body…

Lenny & Larry’s Music Jingle

A little song we did for, “The Complete Cookie.”

Sir David Isaac-Make U Dance

Make U Dance is my First Funk Project. This is just a short snippett of some music that I’ve been exploring with. The sounds consists of heavy synthesizers via Logic Pro accompanied by a microkorg and banshee talk box. I’m not finished with this…

Lenny and Larry Do the Drake Dance-In My Feelings

Lenny & Larry’s Do The Shiggy Dance Content is King. I hear that a lot in NYC. A couple weeks ago, The “In My Feelings” Drake dance took the internet by storm. When Will Smith was in Europe seen doing the “Shiggy” ontop of…

Lenny and Larry Promo

Lenny and Larry Promo Video It’s great to rep a brand where FUN is ingrained into the culture @lennylarry is a vegan protein cookie that revolutionized the protein industry. Beginning on Venice Beach, it’s now a worldwide success. It’s been so cool to watch…