The Birth Of Jordan Jameson

I have always loved performing Live. It’s so exciting because you never know the end result. You can practice all you want. It doesn’t matter because the only thing that is important is that you crush when you are on stage.

As an entertainer, I’m a triple threat. I play music, sing, and do comedy. I have always classified myself as an artist. Are you a comedian? Are you a Musician? Are you a Singer? Recently, I was freed from my limited thinking. I’m an artist first. Al things flow from the creative being which is me. This has given me so much freedom. If I want to chat for a bit, I can. If I want to tell a joke, I can.

I’ve been on stages for the last 20 years. I thought by now I would have reached some Holy Grail, but I guess my prize is the confidence that comes with two decades of showmanship. Nonetheless, my level of cool, calm, and collected has never been greater. I’m more comfortable on stage now than I have ever been.

The Birth of Jordan Jameson has come to me out of artistic freedom. Jordan Jameson has no limits as he has fully embraced his artistic endeavors. He fearlessly performs and has no problem with doing whatever the FUCK he wants on stage. Yes I know that the craft of stage is a fine line. Nonetheless, if you perform awesome with precision and expertise, it is beautiful.

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