London Classic 2018 Sehawks vs. Raiders “First Weekend February” London Edition

Today was Game Day. There were hundreds of fans that traveled thousands of miles to watch their RAIDERS or SEAHAWKS get down. People were drinking, eating, and having a party.

It’s always an awesome time when people put aside political or ideological differences, come together and celebrate sport. That is one of my favorite things about American Football. It bonds people because you spend time with others you never in a million years would spend time with.

Seahawks are back to 3-3 for the season, going into their bye week. They have a tough run of fixtures after that though, facing the Detroit Lions, LA Chargers, LA Rams, Green Bay Packers and the Carolina Panthers. Ouch. But there were some very encouraging signs here in London. That huge offensive line was excellent in giving Wilson the time and space to do his thing, but the QB was still hugely impressive, and some of his best plays were on the hop, making it up as he went along. Three touchdown throws and plenty of rushing yards, he is still the Seahawks’s biggest weapon.

For the Raiders, this was a bleak hop across the pond, and they are now 1-5, with their play-off hopes all but extinguished. This was technically a home game for Oakland but they were outnumbered in the stands – even booed by large sections of the crowd – and seemed to be outnumbered on the pitch. Compared to Seattle’s O-line, the Raiders’s simply collapsed, and Derek Carr was sacked six times. Under relentless pressure, the QB didn’t exactly excel himself but didn’t have a wealth of options with both Seth Roberts and Amari Cooper withdrawing with concussion. Beastmode, aka Marshawn Lynch, never really got going against his former side. John Gruden has plenty of work to do: after the Raiders’ bye week, they face the Colts on the 28th October.

It will be interesting to see how both do as the rest of the season unfolds. The Raiders have to stop turning the ball over if they are ever going to be a competitive team. They are always my favorite but need to regroup.

For, “First Weekend February,” this has been good exposure as I’ve met a lot of new fans. I’ve promoted my film and shed some more light on what I’m trying to do each super bowl. Tomorrow, I’m set to have an interview with a head coach of one of the amateur American Football teams here in London.

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