Lenny & Larry’s Protein Cookies Music Jingle and Video

Watch Video Here!!

Lenny and Larry’s Protein Cookie is such a cool product. They are Vegan, have no eggs or dairy, taste delicious and use plant based protein in their product. It’s the best way to get something sweet and also give your body essential amino acids that build muscle.

I have had the opportunity of working with them on a variety of different projects throughout New York City. We did a workout video where I partnered with Mike Vona and did a bunch of partner workouts. When Will Smith came out with his rendition of the “KIKI” Dance Video, we figured that we would also follow suit.  Now, we dropped our music video. It was a fun collaboration of rappers, singers, crossfitters, and instrumentalists that made up our video. I think it’s pretty catchy. Check it out.

Jayel @_iamjayel breaks onto the scene with smooth rhymes, onto where lenny and larry sing the hook. The second verse, 6X Crossfit Regionals Elizabeth Adams @lizadams21 spits a couple bars and closing it out @sirdavidisaac and @flukehuman Close out in Harmonious Pitch. We were strollin’, workin out, eatin’ cookies, and riding skateboards.

We had a lot of Fun doing the jingle. I wrote the song and then took it over to Producer Alvin Jone’s studio. We played around with it a bit and came up with a solid final product. This is my second Music Jingle. There might be a theme here. Check out my Dunkin’ Donutes Video Here.

I really enjoy creating catchy content for brands. I’ve done it so long for individuals. It’s nice to get a check every once in awhile. Without cash, you can’t do any projects. That’s the key to success. It’s also challenging to be able to put a FEEL MUSICALLY to a Brand you can’t hear. Still to this day my favorite music jingle which still inspires me is Virgin American Safety Video! It’s so much fun.


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