First Weekend February After Screening Q & A

Watch Here:          Part 1 First Weekend February Q & A                           Part 2 Q & A

We had a screening of, “First Weekend February” on October 2. It was a blast. Pulling out all the stops, we had a dj, red carpet, bartender, and a good size crowd. We rented out a screening room in SOHO, New York, put up some lights and made a cool space.

People’s response was awesome. They enjoyed the film and saw the potential that it had. This was our fist go around. We didn’t know all the stories to pursue or how it was going to look. We were directing, producing, and editing on the spot. It’s amazing how many things came together. This person would point us one way, another person, another way. Venues would tell us about secret parties or local hot spots.

We also talked about our team. We could have not done it without the help of all of our guys and girls. We flew from NYC to Chicago where we hired a Director of Photography and a sound guy. We rented a mini van in Chicago, packed like $30,000 worth of equipment in the car, and headed towards Minneapolis, Minnesota. In Minneapolis, locals met us who helped with equipment, locations, and connected dots for us.

One of the toughest parts about the film was shooting in the cold. Our camera equipment kept jamming up on us and we would have to run it back to the car and warm it up. I’m thankful to have been over prepared for the cold, but you still got to look good on camera. Of course, this all lead to more connection as people were gathered in warm spaces, networks were being built.

In my Q & A, I also throw out the idea of Gary Vee hosting, “First Weekend February” In Atlanta. He would be an excellent candidate. He loves Hip Hop, Hustle, Grind, Business, Wine, NFL Football, and Entrepreneurship. Combined with his resources and platform, we could do some really cool stuff with him. Currently, I’m working on getting into his office.

The next step for our project is heading to England where we will be taking a look at the influence American football has had in Europe. The NFL has three straight weeks at Wembley Stadium. I will be in town for the game with the Raiders and the Seahawks.

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