First Weekend February Pitch to GaryVee

First Weekend February is a Talkshow exploring the many business opportunities surrounding the Super Bowl. The big game brings an average of $500,000,000 to the host city. Hundreds of Thousands of People travel from all over the world to get a piece of the action.

I have been to the past six super bowls working as an entrepreneur. I buy sports merchandise at a low price, inflate liberally and resell bringing in generous profits. I build teams, train people how to sell, and send them with stacks to go home with. This past year I decided to do a documentary style talkshow. I assembled a team, gathered a crew, and headed for negative 10 degrees Minneapolis, Minnesota. We attended events, showed up at parties, and documented people being in attendance to gain exposure or for some type of gain. It’s a great film and I think I did a decent job emceeing it.

I think @garyvee should host next year in Atlanta. His love for hustle, hip hop, wine, and NFL football make him the best fit. “First Weekend February” is a talkshow about entrepreneurs, the hustle, and the come-up. People travel thousands of miles because they understand the opportunities on the streets. SEE GARY VEE PITCH

GaryVee has the perfect fanbase that would be into it. Entrepreneurs always admire the hustle. They are looking for fresh stories of streetmanship. This content is like liquid motivation served with branding on the side. This is influence, impact, and transformation. I really think Gary could put a unique spin on it.

I would be the perfect producer for him on this show because I know the ins and outs of the business. I’ve also crafted avenues to navigate the story. I’m a director and producer of quality content. I work with brands developing content and marketing within the food and beverage space.

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