Lenny & Larry’s Music Jingle

I love doing Music Jingles. The whole goal is to make the song catchy so that people take it in. This involves psychology, scientific methodology, and a basic understanding of what people like to listen to. What gets people bobbing their head? Take a Listen on MY SOUNDCLOUD HERE:

I’ve noticed that I’ll start with the chords on the piano. It’s usually four chords and they are usually happy tones which tend to be major chords. Minor chords get a little dark. After that I will put a drum loop on it and then I’ll write the song. The chorus has to stick and be something people will want to sing. Many people refer to this as an, “earworm.” I had never even heard of this term until a couple people hit me up and said, “Yo man you’re stuff is Fire. It’s a real, ear worm.”

I also want to musically vibe with the brand’s culture. This can be work. How can you figure out musically how a brand sounds? I know. I’m not sure how, but I can tell you. Sometimes, I get it wrong, but give me one or two tries and I’ll get it. It’s probably one of my best gifts.

I also think about how the song is going to look on film. I think about this more than ever. I don’t want to write any song without a video. I want to interpret the sound visually. I want to be expressive and colorful. I choose locations that are great to look at. I edit on the beat and make people want to dance while watching the video. I’ve always wanted to create a video that goes 1 million hits viral on Youtube. That’s got to be an amazing feeling. You go to bed with 100 views and then wake up with like 200,000. That will be a real adrenaline rush one day.

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