Sir David Isaac-Make U Dance

Make U Dance is my First Funk Project. This is just a short snippett of some music that I’ve been exploring with. The sounds consists of heavy synthesizers via Logic Pro accompanied by a microkorg and banshee talk box. I’m not finished with this track yet. I will be adding a rapper, some singers, horns, etc. It’s much different than my fir song, “Thank Somebody.” which had more of a gospel, rhythm and blues feel.

When I used to DJ, my goal was to always get people up and moving and out onto the dance floor. To me that is the sign of a true DJ. You got’s to get the people moving. If you don’t, you minus well just have a playlist off of your phone plugged into a speaker via aux cable. This is where the music becomes magic, you hit people with their moods and take them to places that they’ve never been. You break up their monotony, free them of their worries, resolve their problems, and free their minds. We are such slaves to our brains so much of the time. This is the reason music has always inspired me. It has let me be my real self without hindrance.

My musical inspirations are predominately seventies and eighties. Motown, Soul, Funk, RandB, and Pop. Growing up in Los Angeles, we had amazing radio stations. I would set the FM dial to KBIG, KIIS, POWER, THE BEAT, KDAY (AM) and listen to music for hours. I also had a transistor radio that I played my jams on. I must have listened to, “Celebration” by Kool and the gang 1000 times on that thing.

Since I grew up in the San Fernando Valley, I was heavily influenced by Chicano Culture. My neighbors had monte Carlos and Impalas, listen to oldies into odd hours of the night. My very first concert that I ever attended was WAR which was an eclectic mix of funk and horns and drums and guitars and fun and song. I love their music still to this day. This is also how I got involved with the talkbox, zapp, roger, computer love, and all the good stuff.

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