Lenny and Larry Do the Drake Dance-In My Feelings

Lenny & Larry’s Do The Shiggy Dance

Content is King. I hear that a lot in NYC. A couple weeks ago, The “In My Feelings” Drake dance took the internet by storm. When Will Smith was in Europe seen doing the “Shiggy” ontop of a historic monument, it seemed to set the world on Fire.

Lenny and Larry’s Protein Cookie asked me to put together a viral type of video. Here is our Rendition of the two characters, “Lenny and Larry” doin the “in my feelings” Shiggy Dance. We had a great shoot and took us about an hour to practice and finally get the dance on point. I’m pretty proud of @flukehuman and me’s performance.

Both of us have a background in dance so it didn’t take that long. It was pretty much eight steps. The steps in order go like this:


Step 1: Like a Jerk Dance

Do you love me?

Step 2: Heart with hands

Are you riding?

Step 3: just like you’re driving

Say you’ll never ever leave

Step 4:finger wave no

from beside me

Step 5:Like a side step

‘Cause I want ya,

Step 6: I love you sign language

and I need ya

Step 7: Body roll

And I’m down for you always

Step 8: Point down and then hands in air

The toughest part about the dance is going from side to side and doing the moves while moving from one direction to the next. In the end, we got a great video and I’m sure we’ll get some people involved in the craze.

I’ve always wanted to have a video of mine go viral. I think it would be so cool to set a trend that lots of people are talking about. It seems like dance has always been one of the trendsetters. Hit me up if you have something that you would feel do really well.

Nonetheless, I feel fortunate that I’m able to create content and get paid for it. I’ve wanted to get compensation for my artistic abilities my whole life. Finally, my stuff is starting to get recognized. Practice makes perfect. I’ve been making internet videos for the last ten years. Many more are soon to follow.


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