Month: June 2018

Lenny and Larry Promo

Lenny and Larry Promo Video It’s great to rep a brand where FUN is ingrained into the culture @lennylarry is a vegan protein cookie that revolutionized the protein industry. Beginning on Venice Beach, it’s now a worldwide success. It’s been so cool to watch…

Soul DJ

Soul DJ I first started playing music at around five years old. My family had an upright piano and my dad was a working musician in Los Angeles. I fell in love with music at about twelve years of age. We had this old…

First Weekend February

Super Bowl 52

Thank Somebody-David Isaac

Thank Somebody is my first music single. It is more like a “call to action.” I wrote this in a time where our country was quite divided. Charlottesville had just happened. President Trump didn’t know how to communicate with people from different cultures, and there…

Dunkin Donuts Commercial

Cold Brew Boogie In May Dunkin’ Donuts had a Jingle Contest. The competition was for musical artists to write a jingle and video about cold brew coffee. We named ours the Cold Brew Boogie because we added a rap and dance at the End.