The Birth Of Jordan Jameson

I have always loved performing Live. It’s so exciting because you never know the end result. You can practice all you want. It doesn’t matter because the only thing that is important is that you crush when you are on stage.

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Halloween In Brooklyn (No Sleep Till)

Halloween In Brooklyn (No Sleep Till)

Halloween In Brooklyn is a Musical Track written by Sir David Isaac Featuring Tsebiyah Mishael. It’s a super fun and very catch pop song with synthesizers, the talkbox, and harmonies.

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The Influence of American Football in London #londongames #nfllondon #atlanta2019

#londongames2019 #nfllondon #atlanta2019

I got the opportunity to speak with Neil Edwards. He is the Head Coach of the London Olympians. The London Olympians are an amateur-based American Football team in London, England. They are in the Premier League of American Football in Europe. This League consists of 10 Teams throughout the greater region of the United Kingdom.

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London Classic 2018 Sehawks vs. Raiders “First Weekend February” London Edition

Today was Game Day. There were hundreds of fans that traveled thousands of miles to watch their RAIDERS or SEAHAWKS get down. People were drinking, eating, and having a party.

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London 2018 Classic American Football in Europe #FWFEUROPE (Seahawks vs. Raiders) #Atlanta2019


When I was in Minneapolis covering, “First Weekend February-Minneapolis” I had the pleasure of interviewing a BBC Commentator from London who had traveled to the U.S. to cover the Super Bowl. We discussed the impact that the NFL is having in Europe. He told me about super fans from all over the EU being fanatics over American Football. He talked about teams like the Cleveland Browns going to London and minutes after the tickets were at the box office, games would sell out.

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Lenny & Larry’s Protein Cookies Music Jingle and Video

Watch Video Here!!

Lenny and Larry’s Protein Cookie is such a cool product. They are Vegan, have no eggs or dairy, taste delicious and use plant based protein in their product. It’s the best way to get something sweet and also give your body essential amino acids that build muscle.

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First Weekend February After Screening Q & A

Watch Here:          Part 1 First Weekend February Q & A                           Part 2 Q & A

We had a screening of, “First Weekend February” on October 2. It was a blast. Pulling out all the stops, we had a dj, red carpet, bartender, and a good size crowd. We rented out a screening room in SOHO, New York, put up some lights and made a cool space.

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